Detailing Services

Hand Wash

The hand wash service allows us to safely remove surface contaminants from your vehicle finish without creating any micro scratches often caused by improper home washing techniques and tunnel washes.

Hand Wash and Polish

The hand wash and polish service  effectively removes holograms from the finish which are often left by aggressive high speed buffing to improve depth and clarity.

hand wash, mobile car detailing, Gwinnett Auto Appearance

Hand Wash Service

$30 Car or Truck

$40 Van or Large SUV

  • Vehicle is pressure washed to remove loose dirt and grime
  • Bumpers, mirrors and rocker panels are pretreated with degreaser to emulsify  bugs, road tar and surface contaminants
  • Vehicle is covered in a qualtiy wash and wax soap and cleansed top to bottom using two bucket wash system
  • Rims and tires thorpughly cleansed including inside of rims
  • Tires treated with long lasting silicone based shine
  • Door jambs and gas lid and cleaned and shined
  • Interior of vehicle is air blown and vacuumed
  • Windows, sunroof and mirrors are cleaned inside and out
  • Wipe down of the dash, doors and console area
mobile car detailing, hand wax, Gwinnett Auto Appearance

Hand Wash and Wax

$60 Car or Truck

$70 Van or Large SUV

  • Hand wash service is performed on vehicle
  • High quality cleaner wax is applied to all exterior painted panels with a dual action orbital buffer providing long lasting shine and protection without leaving any swirl marks or damage to the paint finish
  • Exterior trim conditioned
  • Jambs are shined with spray wax
mobile car detailing, leather clean and condition, interior detailing, Gwinnett Auto Appearance

Leather Clean and Condition

Cars or Trucks $40

Vans or Large SUV $50

  • All leather stitching is air blown to remove loose debris
  •  Leather seats are carefully cleansed to remove dirt and grime and dye transfer
  •  Service is completed with a high quality leather restoration product which leaves seats soft and supple.
mobile car detailing, carpet  shampoo, interior detailing, Gwinnett Auto Appeareance

Carpet or Upholstery Shampoo

$40 Car or Truck

$50 Van or Large SUV

  • All crevices are blown out with compressed air and vacuumed
  • Heavily soiled areas are pretreated and thoroughly scrubbed 
  • Fibers extracted to remove the loosened dirt and grime
  • Fibers then cleansed with steam to sanitize

mobile car detailing, interior detailng, clean and condition, Gwinnett Auto Appearance

 Interior Hard Surfaces Clean

and Condition

Cars or Trucks $40

Vans or Large SUV $50

  • Vehicle doors, dash, console and interior hard surfaces and crevices are air blown to remove loose soil
  • Rubber inserts are removed and cleaned
  • All interior handsurfacees inclued all moldings and any leather trim are then thoroughly cleaned
  • All surfaces are conditioned to restore shine and add protection